Collection: Dahlia Tuber Sale 2024

Dahlias are a gorgeous focal blooming flower from mid-summer to first hard frost. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colours. In Southern Ontario, we plant our tubers each year around late May. They are pulled out of the ground after the first hard frost, usually around November to be stored in a basement cellar, fridge, or a cooler in a garage.

The most amazing thing about dahlias is; each season their tubers multiply! They usually multiply by an average of 5-8 tubers per one that is put in the ground. This makes them a great crop for cut flower farmers looking to make weekly arrangements using these focal flowers. They are just as beautiful in a home garden due to the way they fill out space nicely and are reliable. The more you cut the gorgeous bloom stems during their season, the more blooms they let out. So feel free to enjoy these flowers not only in your garden, but in you favourite vase in your home!  

Inquire For Bulk Tuber Pricing (25+ Tubers).