The Little Farm That Could

Organically Grown. Delivered Fresh.

We specialize in growing high-quality fresh-cut flowers and heirloom seedlings!

  • Trent Hills Bouquet Subscriptions

    We specialize in growing organic pollinator friendly flowers from May to October.

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  • Trent Hills CSA Membership

    Enjoy Fresh & Seasonal Vegetables & Fruits From Our Little Farm! 

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  • Trent Hills Spring Seedling Sale

    We grow a wide selection of heirloom seedlings for your home garden. Pre-order your seedlings with us now for spring pick-up!

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  • Wedding & Event Florals

    Let the beauty of our fresh cut wedding flowers make your dream wedding come true.

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  • Wholesale Flower Buckets

    We sell wholesale to florists, shop owners, DIY weddings and events.

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Our Values

  • Locally Grown

    We take pride in our local roots and community. By buying from local farmers, you also reduce your carbon footprint and help the local economy.

  • Organic Growing Practices

    We grow our flowers, vegetable seedlings, and farmers' market vegetables with care and dedication, using organic methods and sustainable practices.

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We guarantee all products to the full amount of the purchase price. We shall refund your money or provide a replacement if you are not satisfied.