Trent Hills CSA Membership

Enjoy Fresh & Seasonal Vegetables & Fruits From Our Little Farm! 

Becoming a member of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm share program has benefits for everyone involved! 

The program helps us:

  • Have less food waste when items are grown for pre-sold baskets.
  • Sell our produce locally within our Trent Hills Community. 
  • Practice our craft at growing vegetables we are still learning how to master. 
  • Sell directly to customer allowing us to establish connections with those eating the product we grow with all our heart! 

The program helps you:

  • Lock in your vegetables at a stable rate for the season. 
  • Enjoy biodynamically grown produce freshly harvested from our fields. 
  • Baskets delivered straight to your door in Trent Hills.
  • Enjoy new varieties of crops you may not have otherwise tried. 
  • Feel the health benefits of eating farm fresh produce!