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Dahlia Tuber Wizard of Oz

Dahlia Tuber Wizard of Oz

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In the early dahlia season these short compact plants let out beautiful pink blooms followed by lighter pink blooms in the late fall. For best results, these blooms require insect bags to prevent bug damage on petals. Ideal variety for cut-flower farm, not for home gardening.

Light Preference: Full Sun

Height: 2-3'

Plant Spacing: 12-18"

Hardiness Zone: Annual in Canada

Harvest: When blooms are 3/4 open.

Type: Miniature Ball Dahlia

Plant in full sun after last frost. Plant tuber about 4-6" deep.

Tubers multiply by around +-8 every year. When dahlias die back in the fall, cut back stems to a few inches above the soil. Stick shovel or pitchfork in soil around the tuber being careful not to stab the clump, then gently pull up tuber clump. Store the dahlia tubers in pure peat over the winter in a cool space that remains at a consistent 10 degrees celsius. You can divide tuber clumps to multiply your stock in the fall once you have dug them out, or wait until the spring after storing the clump all winter in peat. The "eyes" are easier to see in the spring once they begin to sprout. We recommend following a dahlia tuber dividing video for your first time (Floret Flower Farm is a great resource).


Please Note:

- All dahlia tubers will start to ship out in Mid-April. We can only ship dahlia tubers when there is no risk of freezing. 

- All dahlia tubers are sold as individual tubers with at least one growth eye. 

- Unfortunately, we can not combine orders after they are placed. 

Thank you for your understanding

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