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2 Elder Berry Seedlings - Marge & Adams

2 Elder Berry Seedlings - Marge & Adams

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Marge: This new cultivar originated Europe being an open pollinated of the European species nigrum.  The variety has performed well in the Mid – West US in a 3 year trial from 2008 to 2011.  The fruits are large and the yields were significantly higher than most other elderberry cultivars in the trial.  The flowers are formed on previous year stems.

Adams Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis): is a robust plant, producing clusters of dark purple berries. These fruits are perfect for making syrups, wines, and jams. The plant’s large, fragrant flowers attract butterflies, adding life to gardens. This variety is known for its consistent yield and adaptability, making it a gardener’s favourite.

*Elderberries have greater fruit production when partnered with a different fruiting variety. This is why we have paired Marge & Adams together in a 2 seedling kit. 

2, 1-2' saplings. 

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