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2 Haskap Berry Seedlings - Assorted

2 Haskap Berry Seedlings - Assorted

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Haskap berries (Lonicera caerulea), also known as honeyberries, are similar in colour to blueberries and but have a shape like a mini cigar. The plants are actually related to the honeysuckle family that grows natively throughout North America, Europe, and Northern Asia.

Haskap shrubs are a well mannered garden plant. Rarely exceeding 2 metres in height or width, they grow into tidy, rounded shrubs that fit handsomely in tiny urban gardens. If you’ve longed for a fruit-producing tree or shrub for your townhouse garden, you’ll be happy to hear that two bushes can easily fit in the space a single apple tree would take!

Haskaps will come in pairs of two as they are not self-pollinating and need a companion for best fruiting production. 

1-2' saplings. 

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