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Eastern White Pine - Pinus Strobas

Eastern White Pine - Pinus Strobas

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What eastern white pine looks like

Size and shape

  • Reaches 20 to 40 metres tall.
  • Trunk reaches 60 to 140 centimetres in diameter.


  • Thin needles (6 to 12 centimetres long).
  • Grow in bunches of five.


  • Dark gray-brown bark with broad ridges (2 to 5 centimetres thick).


  • Cones are 8 to 20 centimetres long.
  • Mature trees produce seed crops every 3 to 5 years.

Where eastern white pine is found

Eastern white pine grows across all of Ontario except the Far North.

What you need to know to grow eastern white pine

  • Moisture: tolerates different moisture levels.
  • Soil: grows best in sand or sandy loam but will grow in any soil type.
  • Shade: grows best in full sun but young trees can tolerate some shade.
  • Note: eastern white pine trees grow quickly and are ideal for blocking unsightly views or creating shade for your house.
  • Caution: eastern white pine can become lopsided in areas with high wind exposure.

Benefits and uses of eastern white pine

Wildlife benefits

Eastern white pine seeds are a food source for several songbird and small mammal species, including black-capped chickadees, pine warblers, squirrels and mice. Eastern white pine also provides valuable nesting habitat and shelter.

Commercial uses

Eastern white pine is a popular lumber species. Its wood can also be used for:

  • interior finishes
  • boxes and crates
  • carving
  • specialty woodworking projects
  • caskets

Eastern white pine trees can also be grown as Christmas trees.

Fun facts about eastern white pine

  • Eastern white pine is the provincial tree of Ontario.
  • In colonial times, these tall trees were used to make masts for British Royal Navy ships.
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